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The Namowicz family's journey to the Four Step Marketing process started with a retail hobby business. Susan and her husband Stanley opened S & S Hobbies in the 90s. The family-run company's vision was to create a place where families could come and enjoy an inexpensive night out.
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About Us


The Namowicz family’s entrepreneurial journey to the Four Step Marketing process started with S & S Hobbies. This was a retail hobby business started by Susan and her husband Stanley in the 90s. The vision of the family-run business was to provide a place where families could come and enjoy an inexpensive night out. The family environment allowed eating, slot car racing and socializing for a very reasonable price.

Susan had been a stay-at-home mother of two and, as the children grew, they enjoyed helping with the business. While being involved with the business, Susan grew very interested in new marketing ideas. One concept she developed was to have family birthday parties and other celebrations at the store. This idea blossomed and soon most Saturdays at the store were bustling. The family had deep Christian values, so the store was closed on Sundays.

However, when a recession occurred after 9/11, finances became tight for many families, so they stopped “going out”. Unfortunately, these kinds of budget cuts were all too common during those times. As a result, the downturn in business spiraled, and the family soon decided to close the hobby business.

A New Direction in Marketing

Susan then returned to college and obtained her MBA so she could assist other business owners with their marketing as she had done with her business. Time and time again she was led to new marketing opportunities. She was very successful as a Vanguard Group Loaned Executive with United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. She increased their fundraising 6.5% over the previous year’s goals. As the Senior Director of the Quakertown YMCA, she initiated events and activities to increase membership by  52%.

Additionally, as a Marketing Consultant, she increased awareness of New Bern’s Five Points community and their needs when serving on the  Choice Neighborhood Initiative. This group was responsible for coordinating a marketing plan with the community to address the expenditure of a $400,000 federal grant award.

Out With the Old – In With the New

Susan’s first hobby business had a marketing plan written by an expert. That plan involved advertising in newspapers, local TV, and brochures. In the current marketing environment though, such tactics are considered very “old school”. You need to have an internet presence with up-to-date SEO, social marketing, AMP compatibility, pictures, video and more!

Years of searching for the most successful process to grow small and mid-sized companies gave birth to Namowicz Marketing Group. Smaller companies are working hard to compete against the large box chain stores, and now they can! The Four Step Marketing process is the best approach to marketing and it’s easy on a budget.

Download our free four step marketing eBook designed for marketing and growth. This book details ways of collaborating with your team to build unique selling points.